Wow!  Thank you, Jacob, for showing me the strategies and processes used by successful traders and fund managers.  Your customized, one on one training is invaluable.  You are the REAL deal!  For those of you searching to find a legitimate options trading coach and mentor, congratulations in finding this website as you need not look any further.


I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and all the time, effort and excellence you bring. I’ve been involved with many different options trading services since 2010, when I first began learning about options, but you are by far, the very best I’ve ever seen! And, it’s obvious you really know your field well, and can trade in any market with strategies that work.


I love the way you explain so much about the markets, individual trades and strategies in general, and the educational articles you give us. Everything you’re doing is far superior to anyone I’ve been involved with in the past.


In all my years of options self-education and trading I have never known anyone as good as you at explaining complex options strategies in such clear, simple and understandable terms. You really should be teaching at a local college or an online course as a sideline……or perhaps writing a book.


Jacob, Thanks a million. I cannot tell you how valuable you have been in this role

T. Wilder

I really appreciate your insight. And, thanks for your work, recommendations and advice. It’s very valuable to me.

Doug G

Thank you this information…it is extremely helpful and easy to understand the way you explain it. I like options and use them frequently and am gaining more understanding every day with your assistance. Thanks again.


You are astounding. Your strategies work. Your stock market analyses are enticing. What really intrigues me is that you are able to implement strategies that can benefit more than one type of investor. Fantastic work!