Jacob Mintz can provide his one-on-one options trading mentor program at his office or in your home. Depending on what you are looking for, Jacob can mentor in one hour sessions or all the way up to a full day/week.

Jacob’s options trading mentor program will take you inside the mind of a Wall Street veteran, to show you that the seemingly complex world of options can be taught in an easy to understand manner.


For the Novice:

In order to truly learn about options, a novice trader needs to first understand the fundamentals.

Jacob Mintz will help you build that incredibly important knowledge base one step at a time, in a one-on-one option trading mentor setting. It is Jacob’s belief that one can’t begin to understand complex strategies if he/she doesn’t truly understand exactly what a call or a put is.

It would be virtually impossible to truly learn all that you need to know about options from reading a book or watching a seminar. The best way to learn a complex skill is to learn at the hand of an expert. A surgeon in training doesn’t just read books and start cutting; instead, he studies, shadows a veteran and slowly builds confidence in his skills.

Intermediate Trader:

For those with some experience in options trading, Jacob’s options trading mentor program can take you to the next level. By working with Jacob, you’ll learn how to use more sophisticated strategies and how to find lucrative trading opportunities, turning the intermediate level trader into an expert in just a short time.