LinkedIn Takeover

Additional Trade Idea: LinkedIn (LNKD) On June 10th LinkedIn (LNKD) agreed to be acquired by Microsoft (MSFT) for 196 per share. Last week this news hit the market of‘s (CRM) interest in buying LNKD: In one of the biggest deals this year, in mid-June Microsoft (MSFT) agreed to acquire LinkedIn (LNKD) for $196 per […]

Ariad Pharmaceuticals $ARIA

Additional Trade Idea: Ariad Pharmaceuticals (ARIA) On Friday with the stock trading at 8.00, a trader bought over 12,000 Ariad Pharmaceuticals (ARIA) July 10 Calls for $0.20. This was an interesting trade, though because the calls were so cheap, it felt like a cheap shot to me, and I made a note of the bullish […]