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Covered Calls on Dividend Stocks

At the end of 2017, Cabot Dividend Investor’s chief analyst Chloe Lutts Jensen released her list of the Five Best Dividend Stocks for 2018. Her recommendations were American Express (AXP), BB&T Corp (BBT), CME Group (CME), Emerson Electric (EMR) and Microsoft (MSFT). These five stocks pay dividend yields of 1.39% to 2.5%. But by using […]

How to Protect your Stock Gains in Square and Micron

Stocks like Square (SQ) and Micron (MU) have led the market higher for most of 2017. Buy in the last two weeks, these stocks, and many leading growth stocks, have begun to weaken. Want to know how to protect your stock gains while continuing to hold those two stocks for upside? Buy protective puts. Fellow Cabot analyst Mike Cintolo, chief […]

SHOP Call Buy

If You Bought My Call Option Recommendation in October, You’ve Gained 171%! Call option buyers perfectly timed the bottom in Shopify (SHOP) stock following the stock’s dramatic decline in mid-October. And the call buy I recommended in my Wall Street’s Best Daily on October 11 is now at a profit of 171%! If you don’t […]

StockTwits Interview

17+ Year Pro Options Trading Veteran and Former CBOE Market Maker Shares His Knowledge From pit experience as the designated primary market maker to setting up a proprietary trading desk, this professional options trader shares his years of Wall Street and market experience. Jacob Mintz has been a professional options trader for 17 years. He […]

Shopify and the Three-Day Rule

Short selling research firm Citron took aim at Shopify (SHOP) last week, sending the stock lower by 16%. Citron called Shopify a “get rich-quick” scheme, urged the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the company, and compared SHOP to hotly debated stock Herbalife (HLF). The firm put a price target of 60 on Shopify stock, almost […]

The Greatest Options Trade I Ever Saw

Not for the Faint of Heart As a trader of options on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) for over 10 years, I witnessed and heard many unbelievable trading stories. There were stories of traders risking too much and losing everything, and traders retiring by the age of 25 having made their fortune through […]

How to Buy, or Short, Tesla with Options

As I shared after-hours cocktails with Cabot Wealth Summit attendees two weeks ago, a large table of us shared our big-picture stock ideas. On the subject of Tesla stock, my thesis, after a couple bourbons, was that because of the innovations in self-driving cars made by Tesla (TSLA) and Uber, my young kids may never get a driver’s […]

Options for Every Playbook – Interview

From iron condors to bull put spreads, Jacob Mintz, editor of Cabot Options Trader, highlights a variety of options strategies, and discusses some trading positions on his buy list. Steve Halpern: We’re here today with Jacob Mintz, editor of Cabot Options Trader. How are you doing, Jacob? Jacob Mintz: I’m doing well. Thank you, very […]

An Options Trade Too Good to Be True

At the Cabot Wealth Summit last week, I put forth several options trade scenarios in a presentation titled, “Supercharging your Portfolio with Options.” In the presentation, I showed how you could combine Cabot analyst’s stock picks such as Exact Sciences (EXAS), General Motors (GM) and Home Depot (HD), with options strategies, such as Buying Call […]

Options Portfolio Management

Options Education: Portfolio Management I constantly evaluate my options portfolio based on two main factors: time and delta. What do I mean by this? Time Time is the most important and easiest to understand. As an option is approaching its expiration, time is running out on the options life. For example, our September options expire […]