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Is Jacob Mintz the Option Trading Mentor for you?

Upon graduating from Miami of Ohio in 1999, Jacob Mintz trained under a trading legend on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). Working side-by-side every day for more than one year, this trading legend served as Jacob’s option trading mentor and helped him build a strong foundation that led to Jacob’s own successful career trading options.

Following his one year apprenticeship, Jacob became the youngest trader in the history of his company. He spent more than a decade trading on the floor of the world’s largest options exchange, the CBOE.

Throughout his tenure on the floor of the CBOE, Jacob was an independent trader making markets in hundreds of equity options in the trading pits. He provided liquidity for some of the largest individual traders, banks and hedge funds in the world in stocks such as Google, UPS and Conoco Phillips. Jacob also led the training and education program for new traders at his firm and, as a result, has turned countless individuals into expert traders.

In 2008, Jacob was tasked with leading the turn around and merger of three trading crowds. As the Designated Primary Market Maker for these three trading crowds, he guaranteed the largest and tightest option spreads for any option order that came to the floor of the CBOE. While in this role, Jacob developed sophisticated concentrated sector trading and risk management, while making markets in over 250 equity options products including Bank of America, Coca Cola and Johnson and Johnson. He also managed a team of six traders whose levels of options experience varied from expert to novice.

In late 2009, Jacob took his team off the trading floor and set up a proprietary trading desk. In this role, he was in charge of strategy, risk management and trading against the most sophisticated traders in the world.

Jacob is now an independent options trader, and is an option trading mentor for traders-in-the-making.

While Jacob enjoys trading for himself, his true passion lies in sharing his knowledge and experiences from his nearly 15 years on “Wall Street” with the novice investor.